My Dumping Ground.

Here is a dumping ground for my writings, notes, ideas and opinions, projects, etc. all on this single page. You can learn about my interests, thoughts, and me as a person. Back

More Projects Share, in a Flippable Fashion
This is a project that I worked on mainly from July 2015 to January 2016. This medium let users share and view two-sided flippable cards with arbitrary content on both sides in different formats. The goal was to become a knowledge acquisition platform where experts share pieces of knowledge or news information in a quick, simple and intriguing way.
    In collaboration with a great friend from SAIC, I implemented this idea using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and released it with Uncorn & NginX. It is currently terminated due to shift of our focus in life. Special thanks to several great friends at UW who contributed valuable discussions and effort to this project. We love!
— from August 2015 to January 2016.
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JsConways: Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript
Conway's Game of Life is a cellular automaton that simulates generations of population development under a given initial configuration. It is proposed by mathematician John Horton Conway. Implemented this as a practice while self-studying JavaScript.
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ATLAS Replica with LEGO
In spring 2014, I was a member of the UW ATLAS group where I studied a paper on track fitting and helped build the ATLAS replica with LEGO. [hide video]


Coding Interview Preparation [pdf]
Review of concepts and key algorithms commonly used in coding interviews.

Python Tutorial [pdf]
Slides for basic Python tutorial session for an undergraduate machine learning course.

Course Notes [github]
My notes when reviewing materials of a few courses (CSE 544, 546, 561, 599, etc.). Keeping organized notes helps me review topics of the course, since it is really easy to forget things that are not needed most of the time, and I don't want to waste my time and efforts.


Gentrification Case Profile [pdf]
I discuss the gentrification case in Yuexiu, a district in Guangzhou, China. As many other places in China, Yuexiu has experienced intense redevelopment as the state transitioned to a socialist market economy. ... (L ARCH 361, Prof. Manzo)

Experiences & Interpretations of Nature [pdf]
I intend to to describe my own understanding and definition of nature. ... (L ARCH 361, Prof. Manzo)

Analysis of Two Artworks in the Henry Art Gallery — Untitled and Fun. No Fun. [pdf]
I describe details of two artworks, and provide a comparative analysis between these two works so as to comprehend Henry’s goal in presenting these two very different artworks simultaneously. ... (ART H 209, Prof. Rounthwaite)


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