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More Projects Share, in a Flippable Fashion
This is a project that I worked on mainly from July 2015 to January 2016. This medium let users share and view two-sided flippable cards with arbitrary content on both sides in different formats. The goal was to become a knowledge acquisition platform where experts share pieces of knowledge or news information in a quick, simple and intriguing way.
    In collaboration with a great friend from SAIC, I implemented this idea using Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and released it with Uncorn & NginX. It is currently terminated due to shift of our focus in life. Special thanks to several great friends at UW who contributed valuable discussions and effort to this project. We love!
— from August 2015 to January 2016.
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JsConways: Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript
Conway's Game of Life is a cellular automaton that simulates generations of population development under a given initial configuration. It is proposed by mathematician John Horton Conway. Implemented this as a practice while self-studying JavaScript.
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ATLAS Replica with LEGO
In spring 2014, I was a member of the UW ATLAS group where I studied a paper on track fitting and helped build the ATLAS replica with LEGO. [hide video]


Coding Interview Preparation [pdf]
Review of concepts and key algorithms commonly used in coding interviews.

Python Tutorial [pdf]
Slides for basic Python tutorial session for an undergraduate machine learning course.

Linear Algebra [pdf]
Review of fundamental concepts in linear algebra (not complete yet).

Course Notes [github]
My notes when reviewing materials of a few courses at UW (CSE 544, 546, 561, 599, etc.).


Gentrification Case Profile [pdf]
I discuss the gentrification case in Yuexiu, a district in Guangzhou, China. As many other places in China, Yuexiu has experienced intense redevelopment as the state transitioned to a socialist market economy. ... (L ARCH 361, Prof. Manzo)

Experiences & Interpretations of Nature [pdf]
I intend to to describe my own understanding and definition of nature. ... (L ARCH 361, Prof. Manzo)

Analysis of Two Artworks in the Henry Art Gallery — Untitled and Fun. No Fun. [pdf]
I describe details of two artworks, and provide a comparative analysis between these two works so as to comprehend Henry’s goal in presenting these two very different artworks simultaneously. ... (ART H 209, Prof. Rounthwaite)


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Mattress Buying Guide [pdf]

Hikes Around Rhode Island [pdf]