Past Projects

Some course and side projects in my college years. Back

Forcasting Solar Irradiance by Learning from Time Series Data
Course project for CSE 546 (grad-level Machine Learning). Partnered with Kousuke Ariga*
Power generation from solar panels at a Photovoltaic (PV) power plant is directly proportional to solar irradiance, which depends on weather conditions. The goal of our project is to develop and analyze different machine learning methods to predict solar irradiance, leveraging a solar irradiance dataset. See abstract and report below.
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Storage and Retrieval of Robotic Laser Range Data in Database Systems
Course project for CSE 544 (grad-level Database Systems). Partnered with Joshua Fan*
The goal of our project is to enable storing images of laser-range observations into a relational database, and retrieving similar images to a query image efficiently. We build a pipeline to extract image features and store them into a relational database following the Bag-of-Visual-Words model, and we implemented FIDS ("Flexible Image Database System") to speed up image retrieval, as well as Locality Sensitive Hashing to store data in a way that allows for faster retrieval. See abstract and report below.
[pdf] [show abstract] Share, in a Flippable Fashion
A social media platform where flippable cards are the medium of information, organized by decks. [hide demo1] [show demo2]
JsConways: Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript
Conway's Game of Life is a cellular automaton that simulates generations of population development under a given initial configuration. It is proposed by mathematician John Horton Conway. Implemented this as a practice while self-studying JavaScript in sophomore year.
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ATLAS Replica with LEGO
In freshman year, spring 2014, I was a member of the UW ATLAS group where I studied a paper on track fitting and helped build the ATLAS replica with LEGO. [hide video]