How to Turn off Youtube Recommendations

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If you have been distracted by the Youtube's recommended videos on the homepage or the side bar, here is how to turn them off!

Preliminaries: Chrome.
Operating system: Linux (not tested on Windows/Mac).

This method is based on site-specific JavaScript and stylesheets. That is, when you visit a website, you insert your custome JavaScript code or stylesheet for that website to change its appearance or behavior.


  • Install Witchcraft following these instructions.
    __Witchcraft is a Google Chrome extension for loading custom Javascript and CSS directly from a folder in your file system, injecting them into pages that match their files names.__
  • Create a directory to store your custom JavaScript and stylesheet files. For example, I created ~/.chrome-inj, in which -
  • Create the following stylesheet named
#items #dismissable {

display:none; }

#related {

display:none; }

Now, how do they look?

You can also use it for :

#pagelet_sidebar .fbChatSidebar {

display: none; height: 10px; overflow: hidden; }

#rightCol {

display: none; }

#bluebarRoot {


#fbNotificationsJewel, #fbRequestsJewel, #u_0_d {

display: none; }

#stream_pagelet {

max-height: 700px; overflow-y: scroll; }

Originally posted on 01/17/2019. Last updated on 05/20/2023.


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