Here are some of my other projects and interests.
More on github: Github@zkytony
Spot Robot Infrastructure Setup
Creating a collaborative project infrastructure in docker with ROS compatibility for Spot
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Programming Simple Manipulation Skills
Wrote a framework within ROS for programming (ego-centric) manipulation skills by specifying perception and actuation checkpoints.
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ai2thor-web: AI2-THOR in browser
Developed while doing research using AI2-THOR.
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thortils: Utilities for AI2-THOR
Developed while doing research using AI2-THOR.
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sciex: A framework for scientific experiments in Python
A framework for running experiments; I use it for my research projects.
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pomdp_py: A framework to build and solve POMDP problems.
Developed a general purpose POMDP library written in Python and Cython.
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Robot Writing with a Brush
Demo for a project on automated caligraphy writing led by Atsunobu Kotani
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Storage and Retrieval of Robotic Laser Range Data in Database Systems
Course project for CSE 544 (grad-level Database Systems). Partnered with Joshua Fan
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Forcasting Solar Irradiance by Learning from Time Series Data
Course project for CSE 546 (grad-level Machine Learning). Partnered with Kousuke Ariga
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Coding Interview Preparation (2017)
A 100-page reference for some basic concepts for software engineering
This appears to have went viral on Linkedin, multiple times.
(get PDF in the linked posts)
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Modeler and Animator Projects for Computer Graphics
Course projects for CSE 457 (Computer Graphics). Partnered with Diana Wang
(2nd place and Honorable mention in course contests)
[show description] [modeler artifact] [animator artifact] Share, in a Flippable Fashion.
Major side project in college. Project lead in collaboration with designer Amo Zeng
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  • Hiking. Here is a guide for hikes around RI
  • GO (Weiqi). A two-player strategy game. Here is my OGS profile.
  • Art (drawing/painting/design/writing). I enjoy the creative process.
  • Piano. amateur, self-taught. I can play Interstellar's main theme.
  • Horse-riding. I went to Ulan Butong, Inner Mongolia to ride a horse.
  • Beatboxing. self-taught; performed once on stage in high school.
  • Classic RTS. I occassionally play Age of Empires IV.
  • Board Games. great way to have fun with friends.
  • History. I listen to podcasts on history
  • Sports. basketball, badminton, tennis, etc.